Established in 1997, NY Golf Shuttle is a company whose goal is to provide a specialized service in addressing a growing need of New York City visitors and residents alike. New York is proud of its many beautiful championship golf courses. Through NY Golf Shuttle, anyone will have access to these courses in the metropolitan area. Our all-inclusive nyc golf outing packages to Bethpage Black, a perennial US Open Course and 2012 site for Fedex Barclays Classic, is our bucket course for serious golfers.


Make: Hole a shot.

Makeable: Shot with a good chance of being holed.

Mallet: Putter with a wide head.

Mark: To indicate the position of the ball with a small, round, flat object, such as a coin, usually on the green.

Marker: Small, round object, such as a coin, placed behind the ball to indicate its position when you lift it. Or the person keeping score.

Marshal: Person controlling the crowd at a tournament.

Mashie: Old term for a 5-iron.

Mashie-Niblick: Old term for a 7-iron.

Masters: First major tournament of each calendar year. Always played over the Augusta National course in Georgia.

Match of Cards: Comparing your scorecard to your opponent’s to see who won.

Match Play: Game played between two sides. The side that wins the most holes wins the match.

Matched Set: Clubs designed to look and feel the same.

Medal Play: Game played between any number of players. The player with the lowest score wins (can also be called stroke play).

Metal Wood: Wooden club made of metal.

Mid-Iron: Old term for a 2-iron.

Miniature Course: Putting course.

Misclub: To use the wrong club for the distance.

Misread: To take the wrong line on a putt.

Miss the Cut: To take too many strokes for the first 36 holes of 72-hole event and be eliminated. I did this once or twice.

Mixed Foursome: Two men, two women.

Model Swing: Perfect motion.

Mulligan: Second attempt at a shot, usually played on the first tee. This is illegal.

Municipal Course: A course owned by the local government and thus open to the public. Generally has lower greens fees than a privately owned public course.

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