Established in 1997, NY Golf Shuttle is a company whose goal is to provide a specialized service in addressing a growing need of New York City visitors and residents alike. New York is proud of its many beautiful championship golf courses. Through NY Golf Shuttle, anyone will have access to these courses in the metropolitan area. Our all-inclusive nyc golf outing packages to Bethpage Black, a perennial US Open Course and 2012 site for Fedex Barclays Classic, is our bucket course for serious golfers.


Impact: Moment when the club strikes the ball.

Impediment: Loose debris that you can remove from around your ball as long as the ball doesn’t move.

Impregnable Quadrilateral: The Grand Slam.

Improve Your Lie: To move the ball to make a shot easier. This is illegal unless local rules dictate otherwise.

In Play: Within the confines of the course (not out-of-bounds).

Into Out: Swing path whereby the clubhead moves across the ball-target line from left to right.

In Your Pocket: After you’ve picked up the ball! (Generally after you finish a hole without holing out.)

Insert: Plate in the face of wooden clubs.

Inside Out: Clubhead moves through the impact area on a line to the right of the target. Most tour players do this. (See also outside in.)

Inside: Area on your side of a line drawn from the ball to the target.

Intended Line: The path on which you imagine the ball flying from club to target.

Interlocking: Type of grip where the little finger of the right hand is entwined with the index finger of the left.

Investment Cast: Clubs made from a mold.

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