Established in 1997, NY Golf Shuttle is a company whose goal is to provide a specialized service in addressing a growing need of New York City visitors and residents alike. New York is proud of its many beautiful championship golf courses. Through NY Golf Shuttle, anyone will have access to these courses in the metropolitan area. Our all-inclusive nyc golf outing packages to Bethpage Black, a perennial US Open Course and 2012 site for Fedex Barclays Classic, is our bucket course for serious golfers.


Gallery: Spectators at a tournament.

Gimme: A short putt that your opponent doesn’t ask you to hit, assuming that you can’t possibly miss the shot.

G.I.R: Slang for greens in regulation — greens hit in regulation number of strokes.

Glove: Usually worn on the left hand by right-handed players. Helps maintain grip.

Golden Bear: Jack Nicklaus.

Golf Widow(er): Your significant other after he or she finds out how much you want to play!

Go to School: Watching your partner’s putt and learning from it the line and pace that your putt should have.

Good-Good: Reciprocal concession of short putts. (See gimme.)

Grain: Tendency of grass leaves to lie horizontally toward the sun.

Grand Slam: The four major championships: Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

Graphite: Lightweight material used to make shafts and clubheads.

Great White Shark: Greg Norman.

Green: The shortest-cut grass where you do your putting.

Greenies: Bet won by player whose first shot finishes closest to the hole on a par-3.

Green Jacket: Prize awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Greens Fee: The cost to play a round of golf.

Greenside: Close to the green.

Greensome: Game in which both players on a team drive off. The better of the two is chosen; then they alternate shots from there.

Grip: Piece of rubber/leather on the end of a club. Or your hold on the club.

Groove: Scoring along the clubface.

Gross Score: Actual score shot before a handicap is deducted.

Ground the Club: The process of placing the clubhead behind the ball at address, generally touching the bottom of the grass.

Ground Under Repair: Area on the course being worked on by the groundskeeper, generally marked by white lines, from which you may drop your ball without penalty.

Gutta Percha: Material used to manufacture golf balls in the 19th century.

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